7th December 2018

The full list of 2018 award winners are now posted in the results section.  All those named will receive awards at the presentation evening so please see team managers for your allocation of tickets. This year we have had a number of ties, including for the first time, three way ties. The rules allow us to decide “in a manner considered fair by the committee” but on Wednesday our decision was to allow the ties to remain. At next year’s AGM we will consider changes to the rules.

We have commissioned medals for the teams and have decided to award Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Please let me know if team managers require extra medals. (

We have used the same spelling for names as on Sportsoft results so please let me know asap if there are errors.

1st December 2018

I hope everyone enjoyed today’s races in Todmorden. It was our first ever visit to Centre Vale Park and Dan Taylor and his team did a fantastic job organising and marshaling a great set of courses, so well done all. Not everyone will agree with me but I’m glad we finally had some mud, especially after an unusually dry Marl Pits!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the sucess of the league throughout the season. Our starter, Gordhen Entwistle is retiring this year so thanks to him for his year’s of service. Provisional results should be on Sportsoft later this evening but if anyone spots any errors please get in touch with me before Wednesday’s committee meeting, when we will make them final and compile the overall results. (

If anyone has any Perpetual Trophies please hand them over to team managers so we can get them engraved for the presentation evening in March. Also if any clubs need extra team medals, and we are awarding Gold, Silver and Bronze for this season, I need to know as soon as possible

30th November

We’ve made a couple of changes to the courses at Todmorden tomorrow.
The Senior Womens and U17s course will now comprise of 1 lap of the Start Field + 2 Long Laps.
The senior Mens course will now comprise of 1 Lap of the Start Field + 4 Large Laps.

29th November

It’s our final fixture of the season on Saturday and we are running at Todmorden for the first time in the history of the league.

Refreshments and changing will be in the cricket club, next door to the park but the car park there is strictly for officials and marshals. Portaloos will be available in the park.

At our committee meeting on Wednesday we discussed a number of issues that have arisen during the season:

Race Numbers. These must be worn as issued without folding or defacing in any way. It is very difficult to read and record them if they are reduced in size so please be warned that athletes who alter them in any way will be disqualified.

Pacing. This is not allowed and could lead to the athlete who is paced being disqualified. It’s unfair on other runners in the race.

Unsporting Behaviour. Thankfully there have been very few instances of this but there have been complaints of athletes barging each other, and we have seen isolated cases of it on the finish line video. We sincerely hope that all athletes uphold the highest standard of sportsmanship and we will take action if that isn’t the case.
We also expect that our officials are treated with the respect that they deserve as volunteers who give of their time freely in order that everyone can enjoy our sport.

Trophies. If anyone has Perpetual Trophies that were awarded in March please bring them to Todmorden and leave them either, in Registration, which will be in the Cricket Club or, bring them to the officials tent adjacent to the finish.

Good luck to everyone on Saturday. There are a few individual and team awards that will be finalised at Todmorden.


20th November

I hope everyone enjoyed the Marl Pits fixture. I have never known Marl Pits as dry as it was on Saturday which made for some quick times.
I think the provisional results are without problems but if anyone has issues with them please let me know.

I would like to remind team managers and individuals that the league’s Perpetual Trophies should be returned at, or by the last fixture at the latest.  See the Results section for a full list of Award Winners.

16th November 2018

Instructions For Marl Pits

I have made a few very minor changes to the course at Marl Pits because we have lost some ground in the Start Field.
The car park will fill up very early on the day so if necessary please park sensibly on the road without blocking residents’ drives. It isn’t possible to park on the road beyond the two car parks.
Changing, toilets and showers will be available in the pavilion adjacent to the track and refreshments, drinks, pie and peas etc., will be served throughout the day at the club shop upstairs. Registration for pre-entries is also upstairs in the pavilion.
The Rugby and Football pitches are strictly out of bounds to athletes and spectators. I can report that the course isn’t as wet as usual but there are sections that remain very muddy.

On a more general note please note that race numbers must be worn as they are issued and not cut or folded and athletes should not start a race without wearing a number.

The on-line entry portal will be open until 19.00 on the eve of the races but there will be no entries on the day.

Rossendale leisure Trust have informed me that tomorrow, boys under the age of 16 must use the changing facilities in their building opposite the pavilion at Marl Pits. The entrance to the two changing rooms is opposite the entrance to the pavilion on the main drive. There will be signs directing them there.


9th November 2018

A quick reminder that if you have lost your race number you must purchase another, at a cost of £1.00, from Graham’s white van which will be parked close to the Start/Finish area.

I’d like to remind all team managers that their clubs’ £30.00 affiliation fee should have been paid by the first fixture so we’d be grateful if they could please check and if necessary contact our Treasurer.
There are still quite a few athletes registered with the league who are showing as “unlicenced” or “not found”, which in the case of the latter could possibly mean that they have registered with a different name than that which EA holds. Team managers were informed of these discrepancies after the first fixture and they will now be removed from the Leigh results.

4th November 2018

The Leigh results have been corrected and are final.

If any athletes from affiliated clubs missed the deadline for registering for the league they can register themselves via the “Late and Guest Entry” portal on Sportsoft. Guest runners can also do the same but there are no entries on the day.…

12th October 2018

The weather forecast for tomorrow at Leigh isn’t quite as bad as anticipated but we won’t have our usual sunny weather that we’ve had for the past few years.

Team managers who haven’t already collected their numbers can do so at Registration in the clubroom adjacent to the track.

Pre-ordered Guest and Late Entries can also be collected there but please note that there will be no entries on the day.

3rd September 2018

We are now taking entries for the 2018/19 season and the procedure is as follows:

Team Managers from affiliated clubs can enter their athletes via the portal on the Sportsoft website, which will close on October 6th. Clubs will be invoiced at the end of the season for this at £6.00 per athlete but will only be chaged for those that have run in at least one fixture. However please only enter those that you think will actually run.
If anyone misses the deadline they can enter themselves in the “Late and Guest” entry portal but they will be charged £10.00, which covers them for all four races.

Guests can enter themselves in the “Late and Guest ” entry portal from 6th October and the cost is £6.00 per race. This portal will remain open until 8.00 pm on the evening before the fixture.

Please note that there will be no entries on the day. No excuses, no exceptions.

Race numbers will be available for collection at the first committee meeting on Wednesday October 10th. Team Managers will have already been informed that the £30.00 affiliation fee should be paid before October 10th.

Please spread the word about no entries on the day as we wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone at the first fixture at Leigh.


23rd August 2018

Due to unforeseen circumstances it is no longer possible to stage a fixture at Astley Park so the November 10th fixture will now take place at Leverhulme Park, Bolton. where we have previously run. It’s a great shame as I know that many people enjoyed the course at Chorley but unfortunately the local council weren’t in favour of us running there. It means that we have lost yet another venue and that places the responsibility of hosting fixtures on to a small number of host clubs so if anyone can come up with alternatives we’d be pleased hear of them.
Leverhulme Park is a great alternative and Bolton Utd Harriers have always done a great job in the past so our thanks go to them for stepping in at this stage.
We’ve got a great new venue this year at Todmorden, a testing course and I’m looking forward to that fixture.
The Team Managers entry portal opens on September 1st and the guest and late entry portal will open on October 6th.

There will be no entries on the day for this season.
No excuses, no exceptions!

15th May 2018

The 48th Annual General Meeting of the league will take place at 19.30 on Wednesday 23rd May in Bury AC’s clubhouse. Any club that isn’t already affiliated is invited to apply by attending or contacting our officers. Details are on our website.

2nd February 2018

Our Annual Presentation is this evening at the Horwich RMI Club. Doors open at 19.00 and the presentation will commence at 20.00. Please note that Bolton are playing at home this evening at 20.00 so there may be delays if people are coming via the M61.

10th December 2017

After the mudfest at Marl Pits the list of 2017 award winners are now on the Results page. The Annual Presentation will now take place on Friday 2nd February at Horwich RMI Club and tickets can be obtained from your team managers. Thanks to everyone who helped in any way to make our 47th season successful and congratulations to all our winners.

29th November 2017

What a great day’s sport at Leverhulme Park. Three fixtures done and no rain yet but Marl Pits to come so bring your cagoules in December!
Many thanks to Dean, Nick and their team at Bolton United Harriers for well marked and marshalled courses. There were some fascinating races, especially the last one where the, now confirmed 2017 senior men’s champion, Jonathan Kay, ran Ben Fish very close.
The updated provisional results are online and also the series to date and we think the results are correct but please notify me if anyone thinks there are errors in any or both.
Please remember that numbers should be pinned on securely as otherwise they are difficult to read at the finish and handwritten numbers are not allowed and will result in disqualification. If a number is lost it must be replaced at registration. It will cost £1.00.

15th November 2017

Arrangements for Saturday at Bolton.
Registration for those not already entered will be accross the track in the Indoor track. Toilets are also there in the Leisure Centre but please note that muddy shoes or boots should be removed before entering.
Unfortunately Provisional results will not be available until Monday. It could be interesting on Saturday with some individual and team titles possibly decided.

Thanks to Stan Jewell and his team at Chorley for Saturday’s fixture. Conditions underfoot made for a series of tough races with some big fields in most of the age groups. Well done to everybody who helped.
Such large numbers in some age groups mean that the finish funnel becomes congested, particularly in the shorter races, so I would be grateful if parents, carers and coaches stayed clear of the funnel until their youngsters exit past the finish recorders. That would help us publish error free provisional results. I’ll review the video footage later and hopefully that will help to correct any errors.

10th November 2017                                                                                                 The weather forecast for Saturday at Chorley looks reasonable and the rain should have cleared by the time of the first race. Please note that there is no parking in Astley Park so please arrive in plenty of time. There are town centre car parks and a number of spaces near Astley Hall. St. Laurences School, which is marked on the race map is for Officials only but can be used by team managers to drop off tents.
The results from Leigh have been finalised and are now official. However we are still investigating a number of athletes, mostly entries on the day, whose EA licence numbers haven’t checked out. If they aren’t cleared by the end of the season they will be deleted from the overall results so please ensure that you bring those.
Next year we are considering online entry only which will mean no entries on the day. Graham Fecitt will be at Chorley to take entries on the day tomorrow and there may also be results available. Good luck to everyone tomorrow.


14th October 2017

Well done to Joe Galvin and his team who hosted a superb opening fixture of the season at Leigh today, where, as usual, the sun shone and we had some excellent races. I can’t promise 20 degree temperatures and sunshine for the rest of the fixtures and, in any case, I’m sure that you’ll be looking forward to the mud at Marl Pits in December!
The provisional results should be on Sportsoft later this evening and if you think there are errors please send details to your team managers or email me, and I will review the video footage.


10th October 2017

Race numbers for pre-entered athletes can be collected by team managers at tomorrow’s committee meeting starting at 8.00pm.  Entries on the day for affiliated club members can be purchased from Registration at a cost of £10.00 for four races.

1st September 2017

The Team Managers Portal is now open here,

This is strictly for team managers and it will remain open for the whole of September.


21st March 2017

The 2017 AGM of the league will take place on Wednesday 24th May at 8,00pm in the Bury AC Clubroom. Clubs who wish to affiliate can contact our Secretary, Ken Smith. The details are on this website.


11th December 2016

I hope everybody enjoyed the final fixture of the league at Marl Pits. The final list of overall winners will be posted on here very soon.


2nd December 2016

The course at Marl Pits is in relatively good condition for tomorrow’s fixture although it is very wet underfoot in the usual places.

Please use the car park to the right after the entrance off Newchurch Road. When this is full the only other option is street parking but please do this sensibly with due consideration to our neighbours. The main drive past the pavilion up to the Golf Driving Range must not be used at all.

Changing, toilets and showers are available in the pavilion facing the track and various refreshments are on sale in the clubroom upstairs.

Please do not stray onto the football or rugby pitches either during the races or when warming up as the league will be charged for any reinstatement should it be required.

There’s all to play for tomorrow in several individual and team categories so good luck to everyone.